What Is L/Certified?

Lexus has one of the best Certified Pre-Owned vehicle programs in this country. We call it L/Certified by Lexus.

These are previously new Lexus models that meet certain age and mileage criteria in order to gain certification for you. When a vehicle qualifies for the L/Certified by Lexus program, our specially-trained technicians will put each eligible vehicle through an exhaustive series of examinations. This is done to ensure reliability, quality, and customer confidence. Only the best pre-owned Lexus models qualify to become L/Certified.

How Does One Become L/Certified?

Before you take delivery of your L/Certified vehicle, our technicians perform a comprehensive 161-point inspection. Inspection points include the engine, exterior, interior, electronics, safety devices, undercarriage and a road test. Like our new Lexus vehicles, we ensure that each L/Certified vehicle is examined for every little detail before we sell it. That also includes making sure the First Aid Kit is full, the spare tire is properly inflated, and the glovebox light works every time.

Once they are inspected and ready for sale, each qualified pre-owned Lexus model are given the L/Certified Limited Warranty. Combined with the original new-vehicle Basic Warranty, the L/Certified Warranty can provide up to six years of warranty coverage. Mileage is unlimited. The L/Certified Limited Warranty offers many of the coverage benefits and privileges new-car buyers receive from us.

The Benefits of an L/Certified Lexus

When you purchase an L/Certified Vehicle, you immediately receive Complimentary Maintenance for the next four factory-recommended services for two years or 20,000 miles – whichever comes first. These vehicles also get Lexus Roadside Assistance, along with access to the app.

There is also Trip Interruption coverage, where in certain cases you can be reimbursed for meals and lodging for a maximum of three nights (up to $200/night) while repairs are performed on your L/Certified Lexus vehicle. You are also eligible for a rental car up to five days (up to $50/day).

If a repair on an L/Certified vehicle takes up to eight hours, Lexus of Las Vegas Vegas can provide a loaner vehicle for no additional charge.

We believe that we have one of the finest, most comprehensive, and owner-friendly certified pre-owned vehicle programs in the automotive industry. This is combined with a lineup of vehicles that have made Lexus what it is today – one of the premium car brands in the USA.

Lexus of Las Vegas Vegas invites you to see our inventory of L/Certified vehicles. Take home something that will reward you every day with a comprehensively-backed program that will keep your relationship with Lexus a very happy one.

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