The Future of Luxury

February 20th, 2020 by

What is the future of luxury? And what impact will it have for us here in Las Vegas?

While Lexus offers what luxury customers want today, we often wonder what luxury will look like in the next decade? Or, in 2050?

Lexus commissioned a study to ask a wide range of potential customers – of all driving ages – to find out what they want in terms of future luxury. Following is a view of what the study found out to answer this eternal question.

Fifty-six percent of Americans feel that luxury is better described as a lifestyle of experiences than a collection of belongings. Furthermore, 86% of Americans expect luxury brands to provide exceptional experiences. From being highly responsive to customers’ needs, providing expert support, and focusing on the details; to the personal touch, such as knowing the customer’s name and preferences and even attention to the sensory, such as scent, lighting and mood.

We love our devices – smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. However, almost three times as many people will associate luxury with the opportunity for the occasional “digital detox” — a new term describing a time to voluntary refrain from social media, news, email and the internet from time-to-time.

Customers also want to personalize their vehicles. Ninety-three percent of study respondents expect to see just as much, if not more, features from luxury brands allowing them to make special requests. In fact, over half of the respondents hope to see additional tools and innovation supporting ways to customize their online luxury orders.

Lexus is a leader in environmentally friendly vehicles. This study confirms that 81% of Americans expect luxury brands to have environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Also, 71% of respondents believe luxury brands should act like leaders on issues surrounding sustainability. Our Hybrid models offer such materials like environmentally friendly upholstery and trim inside their interiors.

The study also shows that there should be an emphasis on going beyond what is tangible about luxury. They believe that the freedom to enjoy oneself and focus on what’s important to be a luxury. Respondents would rather focus on health and wellness becoming even more of a luxury.

If we look well into the future – 2050 to be exact – Americans predict mind-reading technology, space travel and flying cars will be luxury symbols. Indeed, advanced technology leads the list in terms of what luxury is expected to look like in the year 2050.

At Lexus of Las Vegas, we believe in luxury that always looks ahead. Like our city, we will be ready for the future. Come see where Lexus is heading to next by test driving our current lineup of luxury automobiles.