Roy Mason III, A Lexus Expert With a Passion for Entertainment

August 18th, 2021 by

Roy Mason III, General Sales Manager

When asked to talk about himself, Roy will start by talking about his dad, Roy II. His dad was a professional soul singer, and his group called Xpertise was managed by Joseph Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father. Following a tumultuous career in the entertainment business, Roy’s dad decided to go back to school to get a college degree. He received a full-ride academic scholarship to USC, while working full time. He then graduated from Lewis and Clark Law school, but unfortunately passed away before his goal of being an attorney was realized.

Roy grew up in South Central LA, and as a kid he was babysat by Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother. While in school Roy’s friends would not believe that through his dad’s connections he knew the Jackson family. However one day a white Rolls Royce pulled up to the curb of his home, and in front of the neighborhood kids out stepped Katherine Jackson who gave him a hug. Roy’s credibility was never in doubt after that.

If Roy had his way, he would have followed in his father’s footsteps and become a professional musician or perhaps an actor. However it was his dad who talked him out of the uncertainties of the life of an entertainer, leading instead to his present successful sales career.

While attending college, he started to work for Lexus Financial Services (LFS) at his mother’s suggestion. He quickly moved up the ranks at corporate but wanted to try his hand at the retail side. He was told by colleagues at LFS, it would be a mistake, pointing out that traditionally dealerships have extremely high staff turnover. Roy was determined to prove them wrong, and master a new challenge in sales.

In his first month, he was tasked with cold calling customers for the Finance department. He was asked to sell 10 Vehicle Service agreements, however, he finished with 32 at month’s end. He has never looked back.

Because he has a finance background Roy describes himself professionally as a “Swiss army knife” professional, comfortable with finance, sales, customer service.

As Roy gained more experience he learned that success was more about building strong relationships and focusing on helping others, and less about himself. Additionally, Roy’s dad taught him about the value of education, hard work, and maintaining focus in life. Because of that Roy is especially proud that in his 18 years at Lexus he has never missed a day of work, or ever even been late.

He is a die-hard sports enthusiast and equates a lot of those team concepts to work and his personal life. He believes that the team is no greater than the sum of its parts. No single person is more important than the next. Every teammate must do their job, and play their role for the team to win.

Outside of work music is Roy’s first great passion. He loves to sing, has a professional karaoke machine, and can learn a song by ear. He composes songs and even writes poetry. Once upon a time he did acting and performed in commercials. At home, he loves spending time with his wife and daughters aged 14, 15, and 21.

Speaking of family, he loves the culture at Lexus and the way employees are made to feel like members of a family, and that is what he believes sets Lexus apart from the competition.