New Year? How About A New-To-You Vehicle?

January 18th, 2022 by

Red Lexus driving through the mountains

It’s Never Too Late for a New Lexus

Didn’t get the Lexus you wanted for the Holiday season?

It is a new year here in Las Vegas. There is no better time to get a new-to-you vehicle to start off the year right!

Right now, Lexus of Las Vegas has an outstanding selection of pre-owned vehicles that can fit your lifestyle and budget.

For example, you can choose the original luxury crossover – the Lexus RX. As the best-selling luxury vehicle last year, they continue to set the trend for all vehicles in its class to follow. The RX 350 has a powerful V6 engine residing underneath its hood, giving you the power to move yourself and your family around. It’s done in the luxury and refinement at Lexus’s core.

Red Lexus Parked in the desert

When Lexus created the compact NX, they followed the formula of its larger sibling just at a smaller scale. The turbocharged engine of the NX 200t and NX 300 provides confident power over the highway while returning solid fuel economy around town.

Both the RX and NX are just a couple of vehicles to consider when shopping through our pre-owned inventory. If you find one among the L/Certified inventory, know that you get the backing of Lexus with an extended warranty beyond the standard new vehicle warranty period. You also get complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance and financing through Lexus Financial Services.

Lexus of Las Vegas wants to make your pre-owned vehicle shopping easier. We give you One Price Shopping that fits your budget and needs. This is not just on pre-owned Lexus models, but on every pre-owned vehicle we sell.

Contact Lexus of Las Vegas to see if a pre-owned Lexus or other brand vehicle is the right choice for you. After all, it’s a new year! It’s the right time to get a new-to-you vehicle!