Compare the Lexus RX 350L with the Mercedes-Benz GLS

Lexus RX 350L vs Mercedes-Benz GLS

It once set the standard for all mid-sized luxury crossovers to follow. Now, it adds an all-new dimension: seating for seven. The Lexus RX 350L is here!

The RX 350L offers many advantages that customers recognize over its competitors. Its unique design, dependable driving manners, and a choice between a V6 engine and a hybrid driveline draw loyal customers to this superb mid-sized crossover. In fact, the RX lineup has the most loyalty among any luxury SUV/crossover – period!

We know people like to compare. Let us at Lexus of Las Vegas make it easier for you. Here is a comparison between our RX 350L and the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450:

Lexus RX 350L AWD

  • Engine (Standard): 3.5 Liter V6 – 295 HP
  • Combined Fuel Economy: 22 MPG
  • Curb Weight: 4464 lbs.
  • Cargo Space (Second Row Seat Folded):  58.5 cu. Ft.
  • Base Price: $49,450

Mercedes-Benz GLS 450

  • Engine (Standard): 3.0 Liter twin-turbocharged I-6 – 362 HP
  • Combined Fuel Economy: 20 MPG
  • Curb Weight: 5335 lbs.
  • Cargo Space (Second Row Seat Folded):  93.8 cu. Ft.
  • Base Price: $75,200

The Lexus RX 350L offers many advantages over the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450:

  • Comfortable seating for seven people and their items in the cargo hold.
  • Optimal aerodynamic efficiency tested against our Las Vegas winds for vehicle stability.
  • Available hybrid driveline for more fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions.
  • Available F Sport models — on both RX 350L and RX 450hL — that are easier to choose than going through a list of multiple packages and options.

Most importantly, customers choose the RX 350L for its value. You can get more in an RX 350L than any comparable GLS model.

If you believe the RX 350L is your next family crossover, stop by Lexus of Las Vegas for a test drive today. See if we have the perfect RX 350L for you in our inventory!