Learn About Our Lexus Blog Authors

Each of our blog posts is authored by experienced staff who love to answer questions and provide helpful tips. Read more about them.

Mark Bivens

As Service Director at Lexus of Las Vegas, Mark applies his 25 years of Lexus technical and managerial experience, along with his AA and AAS Automotive Technology & Engineering degrees, to help his team deliver the quality vehicle care that Lexus owners expect. Mark’s mission is to assure that every service visit meets or exceeds Lexus service standards, from top-quality Lexus OEM replacement parts to delivering Lexus’ legendary customer service to each and every customer.

Bryce Lawson

Bryce is Information Product Specialist at Lexus of Las Vegas. He’s here to answer questions about your Lexus vehicle’s entertainment features, internet connectivity, cabin comfort controls and other digital features. Questions about available apps and how to use them? Bryce is our in house expert on the apps and other exciting digital features of the Lexus lineup, He’s available to help you get the most from your Lexus’ digital dashboard.

Michael Fletcher

Michael is Financial Services Manager for Lexus of Las Vegas. He has years of experience helping Lexus clients understand and select the financing product that is best for them, and get fast loan approval for their new Lexus luxury vehicle. Michael is available to answer your questions on financing a new Lexus.

Dominick Gagliano

Dominick is Sales and Leasing Consultant at Lexus of Las Vegas. He earned a BA at University of Nevada Las Vegas. Dominick helps clients drive away in the luxury vehicle of their dreams with the Lexus vehicle leasing program. Contact him for answers to your questions about leasing or financing a new Lexus.

Leigh Morehouse

Leigh is Internet Sales Director at Lexus of Las Vegas. With over 15 years of Lexus vehicle sales expertise and extensive knowledge of the Lexus line of luxury vehicles, Leigh has a clear focus on delivering Lexus customer service excellence with each and every sales experience. Leigh also manages the online offerings at Lexus of Las Vegas, making it easy for buyers to explore available vehicles on the web, and access easy to use chat and other features to make their buying experience easier. Contact Leigh for any of your questions about a new or used Lexus.

Prirak Pann

Prirak is currently a Parts Associate and was a Certified Lexus Technician at Lexus of Las Vegas. With his knowledge, training and experience, he’s the right person to help you find the right part for your Lexus vehicle. Prirak can answer questions on replacement parts, accessories, compatibility and just about any parts-related information you may need.