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There’s no denying that the world is changing faster and faster, and today’s families’ lives are much more connected than ever before. In the urban landscape and beyond, drivers’ preferences and needs are much different from those of generations previous. Recognizing this, Lexus got to work developing the all-new 2019 Lexus UX, the compact urban crossover fit for today’s families with safety and efficiency in mind, all in a sleek, stylish design that only Lexus can deliver.

A brand new model from any automaker can be exciting, yet at the same time, overwhelming, even to us at the dealership. It’s easy to get distracted by anything new and shiny, but the underlying question in every car buyer’s mind is the question, “Is this the right vehicle for me? Why should I consider it?”

In the interest of brevity, we won’t go over every single detail, but we’ll break down a few of the main features of the new UX that we think are worth checking out, that will not only make you turn your head in the direction of this new model, but are already turning the heads of the competition.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way right out of the gate:

The Lexus UX is incredibly good looking.

As a brand, Lexus is known for very stylish luxury vehicles, but the new UX sets a new standard in design. The signature grille shares the basic form as other Lexus models, but the grille of the UX is unique in that has a block-shaped mesh pattern that creates a 3D appearance as the viewing angle changes. Mesmerizing at the very first sight.

The exterior form of the UX was carefully crafted by Japanese takumi (artisan) clay modelers in collaboration with Lexus engineering and design to create the agile, sporty stance while simultaneously ensuring the highest standards in aerodynamics and stability. The interior of this brand new model was designed with both luxury and functionality in mind. Many drivers of smaller stature have had trouble with traditional SUVs, so Lexus remedied that by creating an interior that offers flexibility. It ensures drivers of any size will find the optimal driving position, a greater front visibility, and with all controls comfortably in reach. Multiple storage areas, even for small items, will prove very useful for moms and families. The interior of the UX gives both drivers and passengers a sense of comfort and security suggested by the exterior’s inspiration.

The detail of the interior is impressive, right down to available washi trim, crafted to mimic the soft grain of Japanese paper, giving a unique style and texture to the dash. The overall design of the Lexus UX is nothing short of a work of art.

Bring Siri and Alexa on the road with you (but don’t expect them to count for the carpool lane)

There’s no hard line anymore that distinguishes between ourselves and our technology. Our personal tech is simply a part of who we are. The new LEXUS UX seamlessly integrates WiFi, Apple CarPlay, Amazon’s Alexa, Sirius XM, and other apps via Lexus Enform to create a complete digitally connected experience. Even Spotify is tailored to you – as a special feature for UX drivers, the music streaming service has compiled over a million driving-themed playlists into the CarPlay hub. No time to create your own playlist to get you in the mood to take on the week? No problem. The Lexus UX and Spotify will recommend personal playlists to fit your taste every Monday morning.

There are so many digitally integrated features in the UX that going over all of them would entail another article all together, but the bottom line is anything you can possibly do on your phone and/or smartwatch is now extended to your vehicle – from sending and receiving messages to controlling your home’s smart technology (e.g. thermostat, lights, etc.) to starting the vehicle’s engine to checking the fuel level.

Crafted with the concrete jungle in mind

The very idea of the Lexus UX was born from knowing that city drivers have much different needs than those who spend the majority of their time driving in the “great wide open.” Drivers in the urban frontier need a smaller, more nimble vehicle with much more responsive steering and a smaller turning radius to help with fitting in the tighter spots. With the all-new platform of the UX, a low, wide stance gives you a lightweight, easy-to-handle, responsive vehicle specifically designed for city driving. But if you find yourself in slightly different terrain, you’ve got the ability to choose one of three different drive models, all with the simple turn of a dial. Combine that with innovative sound-absorbing materials and you can tune out the sounds of the city for the ultimate cabin comfort.

No matter which Lexus UX package you choose – the UX 200, the hybrid 250h with AWD, or the UX 200 F Sport – you’ll have the most versatile crossover vehicle designed for the modern explorer.

Advanced Safety Comes Standard

Standard with the Lexus UX comes an all-new integrated safety suite called the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0. The pre-collision system is enhanced with low-light detection for pedestrians, plus daytime detection of bicycle, which will alert the driver and help automatically brake the vehicle if a potential frontal collision is a possibility.

The Dynamic Radar Cruise control uses a front grille-mounted camera to detect vehicles ahead and automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed to help maintain a preset distance. Lane Departure Alert will warn the driver and even take corrective measures if it detects unintended departure from lanes. Road sign assist reads certain road signs and displays them on the vehicle’s Multi-Information Display (MID), like speed limit information, Do Not Enter, Yield, Stop, and other signs that the driver may have missed. Intelligent high beams will automatically turn on when the road is clear, and switch to low beams when it detects the headlights or tail lights of vehicles ahead.

If you’re a modern urban explorer considering a new vehicle that provides top-notch performance and function with style, the LEXUS UX just might be the perfect luxury vehicle for you. As we said, there are so many amazing features of the UX that we can’t go over every single one of them here, so we encourage you to stop into Lexus of Las Vegas to see this impressive brand-new model in person.

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