The Benefits Of Leasing A Car

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Leasing A Lexus Car

There are many reasons why leasing has become one of the most popular ways for Las Vegas car buyers to get into a brand new Lexus. Here are a few of the benefits of putting down a Lexus lease.

More Control Over Your Money
You have more control over your money than you do even if you pay cash. The lender assumes 100% of the risk for the future value of your car because they set the lease-end value (residual) at the beginning of the lease. If the market falls on your particular model, it’s not your responsibility: just turn the car in at lease end, and the lender owns the vehicle. If the market is very good for your model, you could potentially trade it in with some positive equity, complete the purchase at lease end, or even sell it for a profit.

Leasing A Car Helps You Get A Better Vehicle For Your Money

Leasing is a great way to get more car for your money. Typically, we see lease payments at 36-month terms significantly less than finance payments for the same vehicle at a 60-month term. Lexus Financial Services focuses their incentive programs primarily on the lease programs, making many of our models much more affordable.

Leasing Offers Tax Benefits Sales tax savings: in the state of Nevada, when you purchase a vehicle, you pay sales tax on the purchase price. On a lease, you pay sales taxes only on each payment. There may also be tax deductions available on a lease, see your CPA.

Save On Maintenance And Repair Costs

By leasing, you can enjoy a new car every few years. No, it’s not just about having that “new car” feeling. Driving a newer model year means the car is always under warranty, reducing both your need for maintenance and eliminating the cost of most repairs. (Of course with a Lexus you’ll have fewer repair needs that with any other vehicle anyway!)

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