At The End Of Your Lease? You Now Have Three Options!

November 13th, 2020 by


Do you know what to do when your current Lexus is at the end of its lease?

When you are near the end of your lease, Lexus offers three options for you. The following video will explain these options for you.

You can simply return your vehicle to the dealership you took delivery from. To explain how to make that happen for you, watch this video on the steps you need before you turn in your leased Lexus.

Sometimes we do not want to give up our current Lexus because we love it so much. You have the option to buy your current Lexus outright. This video will show you how to do so.

Maybe you’re ready for a change? Perhaps, there is another new or L/Certified Lexus that catches your eye. This video will explain how you can go from your current Lexus and take home another one.

Consider these three options that you have at the end of your current lease. Is there one you would consider?

Lexus of Las Vegas can also assist you to make your lease-end experience a smooth one. Contact us when you are near the end of your lease!