Stay Cool Year Round

Get Your Climate Control System Checked

There is one thing in Las Vegas that we always demand from the vehicles we drive, and it is our air conditioner/climate control system. In the heat, we must have it work to keep us cool.

At Lexus of Las Vegas, our service department will make sure your air conditioner/climate control system is working at its best to keep you cool. While we are about at an end to the worst of the heat, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your system checked. After such a brutal summer, it’s worked hard to keep you cool, now it’s time to look after your air conditioner.

The reason to maintain your climate control system is to ensure that it emits cool air without any moisture or humidity from the system. The air is conditioned and set to the temperature that you selected in order to make you, your passengers, and your cargo (in an SUV/crossover) comfortable no matter the length of the journey.

When you take your vehicle into Lexus of Las Vegas for service on the climate control system, we make sure that all components are working properly – from inside the engine bay to the vents and controls inside your cabin. This requires inspection, adjustment, and replacement if need be. That also includes the cabin air filter.

We recommend that you have your climate control system checked annually. That way, you can beat the Las Vegas heat with a healthy air conditioning system keeping everyone – and everything – cool inside.

Make an appointment with the service department at Lexus of Las Vegas for your climate control inspection and service.

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